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Peruvian Cuisine - World's Winner 6 consecutive years

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About Us

Peruvian Cuisine - A Cultural Diversity

If  you are wondering what new Restaurant places to explore in the current year you might consider Peruvian Cuisine.   Peru has been named the “World’s Leading Culinary Destination” for the sixth year in  a row by the World Travel Awards (WTA),  a prestigious International Travel and Culinary organization .

Since the award in 2012 Peruvian cuisine has consistently beaten other culinary giants including China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, and the United States.

The mix of flavors in Peruvian cuisine reflects the mix of cultures that have arrived in Peru over the last 500 years.  It began with pre-Hispanic cuisine, then when Spanish colonization began in the 16th century, Moorish influenced dishes were introduced to the menu.   Later, when Chinese immigrants arrived in the 19th century, their cuisine seamlessly melted with Peruvian traditional dishes and created the super-popular
Chifa . 

Other big gastronomical influences are Italian, African, and Japanese cuisines.

About your Hosts

We are  a family-owned and fully operated Peruvian style Restaurant,  located in the heart of the eclectic,  historical,  and beautiful Old Town Pasadena.    

Being a family of Peruvian descent we share a passion for great food and hospitality that is a  typical characteristic of the Peruvian culture. 

At CHOZA 96 we are constantly striving to offer you the highest quality of service, as well as the best of fresh and native ingredients in the preparation of our Peruvian dishes.   Our talented and  innovative Chef and Kitchen staff has created a new and trendy menu that combines the best of traditional and contemporary Peruvian dishes  influenced by the Japanese Nikkei style, with offerings of unique eats that are deliciously fresh and authentic. 

 If you have never experienced the flavors of our Peruvian cuisine, we invite you to visit us to discover and enjoy a unique experience:  a gastronomical delight that still remains one of the hidden secrets of the World’s International cuisine.